February 18, 2009

The Blog has Moved!

Please update your bookmarks to note the change of my blog address.

You can also reach it by typing www.angelacarolphotography.com

Thanks! I hope you like it :)

February 14, 2009

Baby B!

This is my cousin's 1st grand baby and I got the privilege of doing a newborn shoot with her. We didn't get to do them as early as we would've liked because of all the icky weather. She was wide awake the whole time. She didn't want to nap at all! But that's all right we still got some pretty cute shots :)

February 10, 2009


These two lovely ladies from www.bowdazzlebows.com contacted me about doing some photos for some of their adorable products. They arrived yesterday and I jumped at the opportunity to get some shots done during our nice weather. This is from their Over the Top line "Wild Breeze - Over-the-Top Bow & Hat". I think it is absolutely adorable and so does my daughter who got to model it. Make sure you check them out!
I will be adding more photos of other models and product so make sure you check back!







February 02, 2009

Kentucky Ice Storm 2009

Where oh where do I begin? How do you summarize something that is on such a grand scale? I will try my best to tell our story.

On Monday, January 26th I called my hubby just as I always do and he told me that I needed to go and "prepare" for what was going to happen over night. Now the forecast had called for ice and snow, but it had been downplayed some by the local media. My hubby however works for the National Weather Service and they said that it had the potential to be the worst storm in recent history. So, I loaded up the toddler and headed to the store for a camp stove and fuel and anything else I could think of. We knew there was potential for the power to go out because of the ice and at 6am that is just what happened. We were awakened to the sight and sound of transformers blowing up. Bright flashes and then nothing. All was quite.

Just as quickly as the power went out the house started to cool. We were just trying to imagine what we were going to do. Well, I called my mother and at that time she still had power and a gas fireplace. We decided to head over there and stay so that the kids would be warm. Just as we were about to leave she called to let us know that the power had gone out, but thankfully the fireplace still worked.
Maneuvering through town was quite the task and the sights took our breath away. Everything was covered in ice, power lines were lying on the ground and hanging so low we had to be careful not to snag one as we were driving under. We made it to her house, put our frozen/refrigerated items outside and made plans to spend a day or two there. Little did we know how long we would really be there!

Ham radios were our only forms of listening to what was happening to the outside world. Hubby was eventually able to rig up a makeshift antenna with some soda cans so that we could pick up a tv channel for our laptop. We found out that they were estimating that power could be out for almost 20 days for us and 30 days for my mom! We just couldn't believe it.

After 3 days of no power and no showers we decided to head South to Nashville, TN. Since my birthday was coming up on Saturday I felt I deserved a shower :) We got to the hotel on Friday and though there were 6 of us crammed in a 2 room suite, it was nice. The shower, the food, all of it. We stocked up on supplies and ended up having my FIL to bring us some propane canisters from Alabama for our cook stove because we couldn't find any back home or where we had looked while in Nashville.

We headed back on Sunday and when we arrived back at my mother's we were excited to see that the small lamp in her bedroom was on! Power, we had power!! That was short lived though, about 5 minutes later it was gone. However after fixing a camp stove meal of mac-n-cheese the power came back on. We got excited with the hopes that ours would be on as well. And when we went to check the next day, it was. We packed up our stuff and headed back to the house only to find that our hot water heater was busted (cracked more like it). So, back to Mom's we went and there we stayed for almost another week until we got the situation taken care of.

I'm glad to say that we are back at home and things are slowly getting back to normal. The kids are back in school and we are lucky enough to have power. Others however aren't so lucky. It may be at least 4 more weeks before they have any and we're currently bracing for a string of storms that may be Hurricane Ike force.

I think I'm ready to move!

*here are some pictures from our house and the last picture is from my mom's front yard.

January 20, 2009

Cute Kids

This was from a session before Christmas. I just got the release since I did these as a Christmas gift to their parents :) This was my first session working with a "small group". They were really great kids and the little one was just precious. I just wanted to share a few.

These look slightly oversharpened because of the hosting server I use.

January 14, 2009

My 1st Maternity Session

I was honored to be asked by my cousin to take her daughter's maternity pictures. Its her 1st grandchild and she's oh, so excited! These were my 1st ever maternity pictures to do and I'm looking forward to taking some squishy newborn pictures any day now! I'm sending speedy, pain free labor vibes your way girl!

January 07, 2009

What a feeling...

"What a feeling, bein's believin'
I can't have it all, now I'm dancin' for my life
Take your passion, and make it happen
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life"...Irene Cara

I just couldn't help myself. The first thing I thought of when I uploaded this 1st picture from my camera was that song and particular sceen from the movie Flashdance! I haven't dated myself too much there have I by revealing that I've seen that movie, when it originally came out?

I was testing my other new paper, which as you can see is white. My little guinea pig was somewhat up for it. And its not that I prefer taking pictures of her over the other kids, I just have easier access to her while they're at school :) Anyway, here are a few from yesterday. I'm still up in the air about which paper color I prefer...I think I'm leading towards Chestnut.

January 03, 2009

Testing, testing...

My chestnut paper that is! I just got my papers in yesterday and got to play around with them some today. I ordered the Chestnut and the White. I decided to play around with the brown first. I really think I'm going to like working with it. Its a great color and I got really good results with it today.
My husband wanted some pictures to go with his website and that he could use for his business:
I figured, when would there be a more better time than now, since I've got some snazzy new backgrounds :) So, here are a few that I took of him.

This picture is of him and his product UFO Battle that he developed as an application for the iPhone!
Who is the Web Specialist, really?!
Just a nice shot of my handsome hubby!

While we were waiting for dad to get ready I decided I need to do some test shots to make sure I had enough light and that the flash looked good, etc., etc. These are a couple of our baby girl. I could hardly keep her still!

And then we have her handsome older brother/my son! I can't believe that he's 14 now. Time is flying by. I thought I would play around with a conversion as well.
He gets his big brown eyes from his momma!!

December 14, 2008

Thank you Bakerella!

I got the idea for these awesome cupcake lollies from the Bakerella blog. I found them over 6 months ago and have been waiting for a special occasion to make them. I decided it would be my daughter's 8th birthday party. They were very easy and very tasty! The inside was Strawberry cake with Strawberry frosting mixed in. They almost had a chocolate covered Strawberry taste to them. I highly recommend them to anyone with a sweet tooth! Here is the link to her blog: http://bakerella.blogspot.com/

November 19, 2008

Trying out my new gear!

I am proud to say that I am the owner of a new Canon 40D! This camera has been my dream for the last 6 months. My darling husband purchased it for me and I've had it for a little over a week. We finally got some nice weather so I took the "baby" out for some shots. I can tell I'm going to LOVE this camera!!

Isn't she just too cute :)